[GSoC] Status

[GSoC] Status


At the beginning I want to thank to my mentor, FROGGS, he has done a lot of work during this project, helped and taught a lot.

Thanks to moritz as well, he did really great work as the support mentor.

There are only three days left, so this post shows the end status of my GSoC project.

The Status

TLS support (OpenSSL)

Yay, Perl 6 supports TLS now, awesome, it was tested on linux_86-64 machines and works well! It uses OpenSSL, so you must have it installed.

This module provides low level bindings to libssl's functions, but it has a higher level class as well, we can use it to handle SSL connection less complicated.


I have written a high level module to easily use OpenSSL bindings, it is called IO::Socket:SSL and works just like p6's IO::Socket::INET built-in module.


All the HTTP::* modules which are provided by HTTP::UserAgent repo works and does it well. If you want to know more about them just take a look at the documentation in every .pm6 file.

Other modules

To create all this SSL stuff there was a neccessary to write some other modules, not planned at the beginning.

Here they are.


As the name suggests it is a DateTime parser. So far it parses following datetime formats:

  • rfc1123
  • rfc850
  • asctime

It was needed to parse datetimes from the header of HTTP messages. Another usage is presented in HTTP::Cookies, where we use it to remove expired cookies.


Decoding only, so far. This project uses it to decode the content of a HTTP message.

The End

Hmm, it is not the end yet! Besides there are three days left, it is not the end because I will continue my work afterwards. :)

In the nearest future, I want to test it on other boxes (you can help me here! Would be great) and make it work there (if it wouldn't). The next thing I want to do is to speed it up, optimize, do some cleaning, etc.

This project was very interesting, gave me a lot of fun and I learn a lot.

Thank you for reading my GSoC posts and I encourage you to visit my blog more often. I want to keep posting. :)

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