[GSoC] OpenSSL and IO::Socket::SSL status

[GSoC] OpenSSL and IO::Socket::SSL status


I can proudly annouce that Perl 6 has OpenSSL bindings available now! \o/

We have low level bindings and a high level wrapper, you can simply write:

use OpenSSL;

my $ssl = OpenSSL.new;
# set up the connection here
# ...


$ssl.write("GET /\r\n\r\n");
say $ssl.read(100);


But if you don't want to use high level wrapper, you can use OpenSSL particular modules, like:

  • OpenSSL::SSL - contains declaration of SSL struct and functions to hadnle it
  • OpenSSL::Ctx - contains declaration of SSL_CTX struct and functions to handle it
  • OpenSSL::Cipher and so on... (see this)

The thing which is not clear above is the "set up the connection" section. I've wrote IO::Socket::SSL which provides high level API, the same as IO::Socket::INET, for SSL connections. It does "set up the connection" for us, using written in C client_connect function which returns connection's file descriptor, it's needed by $ssl.set-fd($fd), it is because OpenSSL wants to own the connection.

int client_connect(char *hostname, int port) {
    // ...
    return handle; // fd

We can do the same but in another way, we just have to pass a file descriptor to .set-fd($).

Using IO::Socket::SSL, we can write:

use IO::Socket::SSL;

my $sock = IO::Socket::SSL.new(:host<filip.sergot.pl>, :port(443));
$sock.send("GET / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: filip.sergot.pl\r\n\r\n");
say 'Response: ', $sock.recv;

Simple as that. :)

Anyway... The most exciting thingis, that HTTP::UserAgent can handle SSL now! Some bugs are known but it works in some cases.

As I wrote earlier, we are able to connect to sites which use SSL like this:

say $ua.get('https://filip.sergot.pl').content;

... above example returns 403 error just because my site doesn't use SSL but has this port (443) open.

What's next?

I want to get rid of bugs, implement server stuff of OpenSSL, implement more features and do some cleaning after all.

There is only one month left! :)

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