[Google Summer of Code] HTTP::Headers

[Google Summer of Code] HTTP::Headers

Hey people!

I participate in Google Summer of Code this year, my project is to add TLS/SSL support to Perl 6, with all HTTP::* modules and LWP::UserAgent as well!

This will be a very good summer! Well, we'll be able to write a lot of new stuff after ending this project.

This is my first post about GSoC and it is about HTTP::Headers module.

The main goal of this module is to provide functionality for handling HTTP headers. It's simple - that's my starting point.

While writing I tried to keep it similar to Perl 5 module. Headers are represented by a hash - every key-value pair is called a field, key is a name of single header (names are cases insensitive).

Example usage:

    use HTTP::Headers;
    my $h = HTTP::Headers.new(Accept => 'text/plain');

    my $a = $h.header('Accept');             # get
    $h.remove-header('Accept');              # delete
    $h.header(Content-Type => 'text/plain'); # set

    say $h.Str("\r\n");                # print headers as a string

We are able to store multiple values in such fields

    my $h = HTTP::Headers.new(Accept => <text/plain text/html>);

We can also push new values to existing field:

    $h.push-header(Accept => <image/jpeg image/png>);

Why do we need this?

HTTP::Message uses this to store HTTP headers, thus HTTP::{Request, Response} use it too (because they inherit from HTTP::Message).

What do you think about it?

And, as always, feel free to contribute!

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